Conan Checks Out A PC Bang

if you’re a gamer in Korea, you probably spend time at a PC bang. These are 24-hour video game cafes where die-hards play for hours on end. This gentleman’s Won-Jae, he speaks English really well.

You’ve seen me play video games online, you said. Yes, yes. You think I’m good. Kind of. (laughter) Okay, what do you really mean by that?

No. (laughing) No, okay. Show me what’s the most popular game in Korea. What do I want to see?

Starcraft. You can click on with your right mouse. Yea And those zergs will go kill them. Kill them, kill them, kill them! Kill them.

Am I doing a good job? Yes So now what do I do, do I just wait? Yeah. You know what? Maybe you should just play this game and I should go find a place to have alcohol?

Sounds good. (video game music) What’s the longest you’ve spent in a PC bang? (sighs) 14 hours? You’ve spent 14 hours in a PC bang? But that was because I was drunk and didn’t have anywhere to go.

And so I played games for 14 hours. Is that why the seats are plastic? You just urinate while you’re playing?

(laughter) I’ve never urinated while I was playing. (laughter) I’m told that Koreans spend so much time playing these games that you can order snacks. What’s this one called, do you know? That’s squid chips.

Squid chips. These are chips that taste like squid? Mhm. Okay.

Is that a popular snack here? I guess. I guess some people like it, some people don’t. Right, you just described most foods.

Good for you, Jae-Won. It’s Won-Jae. Oh, Won-Jae. Well, I’m sorry. I’m high on squid chips. (laughter) What’s this right here?

Those are king shells. King shells? What does that mean?

You know, a shellfish? So a king shellfish. So basically, you guys take whatever you just find on the beach at low tide and you eat the rest.

That’s about it. Okay. Oh my God.

What is this? It’s egg dipped in soy sauce. Why would you. I just think an egg is not something you would sell like a, this is like an M&M packaging. And there’s this snack. Can you tell us what this is right here?

It’s called silkworm pupa. When a silkworm makes a cocoon, you take the silk away. You boil it with soy sauce and you eat it. Is this something you enjoy?

Yeah, I kind of like it. Okay. Have you ever tried it?

No. Okay. I just won. You just won? Yeah. Really?

Yeah. Wow, that was joyless. Victory.

Yeah, victory. You won. Could we change to a game that I might have some chance of understanding? Yes. That was, what we Americans call a shit show for me.

They say Korean Counter-Strike so you would be shooting other people in this game. Okay. (loud typing) (laughter) You playing video games, it looks like you work at a bank. (laughter) (typing) (laughter) I’d like an aisle seat.

And what my favorite plan was. Now we can begin the game? Yes Or does this just give us the privilege of writing 7,000 other lines of code? Well, there will be no more typing unless you want to insult someone on the game. What are common insults in Korea? They talk about your family a lot.

Really? Yea Mean things about your family? Very mean things about your family. It seems like such a polite culture. So we’re using an N16 rifle right now.

Okay. You got AK-47 or a sniper. So what kind of gun would you like?

I think my best weapon is this music. I think that’s gonna help ward off any foe who comes my way. Where do I go?

Go into this way Okay then what? Space W Okay, W. W, what did I do wrong? You just got killed.

I got killed that quickly? It took us about an hour to get loaded! (yelling) Yes, yes! (cheering) What’s happening? Why is that woman, we’re looking up her skirt, and she’s dancing. What is happening?

(Won-Jae laughs) What is this? I don’t even know what’s happening! (laughs) Why is this happening in a game? That was the weirdest episode of Teletubbies I’ve ever seen.

(laughter) Is there any way I can taunt other people? Yes. Why don’t you write, “Your family eats soy eggs.” Rotten soy eggs.

Your mother does not prepare squid properly. They’re ignoring me? Yea, they’re ignoring you. I am Conan O’Brien and I am playing this game right now. Oh, he’s like, “so what?”

(laughing) So what? I’m going to call you soy egg. He says you’re really not funny.

Then say that’s proof that this is Conan O’Brien.