Knack 2 (dunkview) PS4 Game

Pretty much all these games were also on PS3 and just as playable, except for Knack. A game so technologically advanced, it would annihilate the PS3’s puny hardware limitations. [Reporter]: “I want to talk about the development of Knack, and why, why this game had to be next-generation?” (awkward silence) [Dunkey]: “Fuck.” The game is a fucking disaster.

It’s a 3D platformer with de-emphasized jumping. [Mark Cerny]: “So Crash Bandicoot, for example, we layout levels…” [Mark Cerny]: “…and there would be fifty jumps in a row you had to make…” [Mark Cerny]: “…or you couldn’t get through the level and that’s clearly not something that anybody can do so…” ♪ Cuphead tutorial music ♪ [Mark Cerny]: “Yeah, we have platforming, but we’ve de-emphasized jumps within that context.” Do you know what that means? That means when Knack walks over to a gap, it turns into a cutscene of him jumping over it. Welcome to the game Knack.

Even this guy whose sole job it is to promote the game and make it sound good is lost for words when asked to describe what’s special about Knack. “Certainly, um.. I think it’s, you know…

When some people say that, you know…. is it necessarily…” “So you’ll see, and honestly yeah, tha- yeah. I mean, that-that… and I… I… I…” (Stuttering) “And, uhh… I’ve seen people on the demo… you know some people to use…” He is such a garbage mascot.

You look at Mario and Sonic, their design is so simple and iconic, that even if a four year old drew ’em, you would know who they are. Knack, on the other hand, is 2,000 little rocks that sort of shape into some fucking weirdo troll. Good luck drawing that shit, kid! The gameplay consists of walking into an empty area, hitting a guy once, and then walking into another empty area and doing it again and again until the game is over.

There’s even a part in the new one where they make fun of Knack for only having two moves. [Girl]: “It’s hard to believe you saved the world.” [Girl]: “All you know are three punches and a kick!” [Boy]: “He can jump, too!” *Wahp-waaaahhp* This game is a joke, and apparently Sony was not in on the joke.

Knack 2, on the other hand… is a MASTAPEECE!!! ♪Here come the money♪ Ohhh! Look at the graphics! ♪Here come the money♪ LOOK AT THE GRAPHICS ON THAT THING!!!! ♪Here come the money♪ [Knack]: “Knack is back.”

You can play as Ice Knack! ICE KNACK, ladies and gentlemen! [Knack]: “Ice is nice.” It’s like the gameplay of Knack, but with the storyline of Transformers! Is Knack 2.. “Um… Um…

I” “Yeah so……..” Knack has to fight the High Goblin, okay? ♪Here come the money♪ So he can make a robot to fight a laser! ♪Here come the money♪ OKAY?!?! ♪Here come the money♪ “Umm… I’m just, uhh…” “really curious, though, about, um…” “Like umm… But, like…” “Knack 2…” Knack even has a NEW MOVE!

♪Here come the money♪ Dynamic Combat!! ♪Here come the money♪ Couch Co-op!!! ♪Here come the money♪ Family fun!!!!

♪Here come the money♪ Huh, interesting. Doesn’t look like Bayonetta has family fun. Probably because this woman is a fucking whore! Look how good I am at Knack 2.

That’s how you know it’s good NetEnt casino games Canada gameplay. [Boy]: “You got this, Knack!” [button mashing in the background] [button mashing in the background] [Boy]: “Show us how it’s done!” [button mashing in the background] [Boy]: “Good job, Knack!! Keep it going!” [button mashing in the background] [Boy]: “That’s it!”

[button mashing in the background] [Boy]: “Keep going!” [button mashing on the background] [Boy]: “You almost got it!” [button mashing on the background] [Knack grunts] [Girl]: “So strong.” [Boy]: “That’s Knack for ya.” I give Knack 2, my first ever ten out of five and that’s just for the graphics alone, okay? Don’t even get me started on the storyline!

It’s just become this running gag, you know, with the original joke being the PlayStation 4 launch.