Omaha:  A game in which each player receives 4 face-down cards and shares 5 community cards.  The winning hand must use exactly 2 down cards and 3 community cards.  This game also has a High/Low variant.

Omaha High/Low:  This game allows players to compete for a pot split between the highest and the lowest hands using 2 down cards and 3 community cards.  A player may use different sets of cards to make up the best high and the best low hands.

On the Button: Being the last player to act in a betting round. Dealer’s Position.

OPTION: This term refers to the option given the big blind player the option of raising before the flop.

OUTS: The number of cards left in the deck that will improve your hand.

OVERCALL: To call a bet after another player has already called.

OVERCARDS: When you have cards that are higher than all the cards on the board.

OVERPAIR: A pocket pair higher than any of the cards on the board.

PAIR: Also called two of a kind. This is a hand where the player’s best hand is made up of 2 cards of the same rank.

PASSIVE: Adjective to describe a player who frequently calls and rarely bets.

PF: (abbev.). Pre-flop.

PLAY BY THE BOOK: To play according to the conventional wisdom regarding basic poker strategy

PLAY THE BOARD: Using all the community cards in Hold’em as your best hand.

PL: (abbev.). Pot-limit.

PLO: (abbev.). Pot-limit Omaha.

POCKET CARDS: The term for the two down cards at the start of the hand.

POSITION: The location of the player relative to the dealer.

POT ODDS: The odds you get when analyzing the current size of the pot vs. your next call.

POT-LIMIT: A variation on betting where each player may bet up to the current amount in the pot (PL).

PROP PLAYER: A player who is paid by the house to play in games with their own money as a way to fill up games.

PROTECTING YOUR CARDS: (phrase): To place a chip over your pocket cards so the dealer doesn’t accidentally muck them.

RABBIT-HUNTING Asking to see additional cards even though the hand has already ended.

RAG: A useless card.

RAG FLOP: A flop with bad cards – usually low cards.

RAKE: The amount of money, in chips, taken by the house as the service fee.

RB: (abbev.). Rebuy.

READ: Analysis of a player based on how they play, mannerisms, and tells.

REVERSE TELL: Intentionally acting in a different way to give a false image.

RING GAME: Any non-tournament game.

RIVER: The fifth and last community card dealt face up in a Hold ‘Em game.

ROUND: This refers to the dealing of a set of cards and associated betting.  For example, the dealing of the river and the bets that follow are a round.

ROUNDER: Someone who plays poker for a living.

RUNNER-RUNNER: When a player hits two running cards to make a hand.

SANDBAGING: Holding back and calling despite the fact that you have a very good hand.

SATELLITE: A tournament that lets you enter another tournament if you win.

SB: (abbev.). Small-blind.

SHARK: A good player or player who disguises his skill to trick others.

SHILL: A player who is paid an hourly rate with house money to play in games as a way to fill them up.

SHOOTOUT: A tournament where there are several tables and the winners of each table plays against each other.

SHORT STACK: A player that doesn’t have many chips left. Usually used in a tournament or a no-limit cash game.

SHOWDOWN: After the final bet, when all players show their hands or muck, is known as the showdown.

SIDE POT: This is a pot created when a player goes all-in.  The side pot is the pot available to those players not all-in at that point.  There can, on occasion, be more than one side pot.

SNG: (abbev.). Sit N Go.

SOFT GAME: A game with a lot of bad players.

SPLASH THE POT: An illegal move where chips are placed in a haphazard way.

SPLIT POT: A pot where more than 1 person are tied for the best hand and they have to split the winnings.

SPREAD LIMIT: A game in which there are betting limits with a fixed minimum and maximum bet for each betting round.

STARTING HANDS: The first 2 cards a player receives in Hold ‘Em or first 3 cards in Seven Card Stud.

STEAL: To bluff and win a pot.

STEAL-RAISE: A raise by someone in late position in an attempt to reduce the number of players and/or steal the pot.

STEAMING: Being on “Tilt”.

STRING BET:  An illegal bet in which a player makes a bet with more than 1 motion.

T: (abbev.). Tournament.

TABLE STAKES: The value of the chips with which a player sits down at a table.  Also a term for no-limit poker.

TELL: An action that gives clues about the cards someone is holding.

TIGHT-AGGRESSIVE: A player who doesn’t play many hands but plays his hands aggressively.

TILT: To play badly as a result of losing.

TIMED-OUT: When an online game folds you hand because you didn’t act in time.

TRIPS: A nickname for three of a kind.

UNDERPAIR: A pair lower than any card on the board.

UPCARDS:  Cards that are dealt faceup.

UTG: (abbev.). Under-the-gun. To be the first one to act. The position to the left of the Big Blind.

WSOP: (abbev.). “World Series of Poker”. The most prestigious tournament in poker, held at Binion’s Horseshoe in Las Vegas.

WPT: (abbev.). “World Poker Tour”.